Testing the Assembly

These are the instructions for the first power up and then figuring out what to do next. Every extra detail noticed during this step is vital to the troubleshooting process later. Check for any LEDs turning on, the display flashing a pattern, smoke for a specific component or area, sparks, etc.
If the EnerJar is wired up correctly, the display should briefly flash all 8s with decimal points between each and every LED should briefly light. It should then go into normal power mode where it displays how much power is being used. If nothing is plugged into it, it should read close to zero.


  • Nearby power outlet
  • Lamp (nothing fancy or valuable, just in case)
  • Must have completed the and steps
  • Good luck (these things never work on the first try)


    warning: You are about to be asked to put main AC power into your EnerJar. Do not touch any exposed metal wiring and make sure there is no exposed metal wiring to touch.
    note: Upon first power up, watch out for smoke or discoloring parts. If anything is not working the way you expect, unplug it right away in the case that the problem might cause damage if left powered.

  1. Watch the EnerJar. Any extra details you remember about what happens will be useful in troubleshooting later
  2. Plugin the EnerJar
  3. If the LEDs and LED display all flash on and then begin showing numbers, try plugging in something like a lamp and see if you can change the value being displayed
  4. If you can change the value being displayed by plugging something into the EnerJar , continue on to the calibration step.
  5. If nothing happens at all when you power on, or if you can't change the value being displayed, even with a lamp plugged in, or anything else seems out of place, go to the debugging page.

This process is a checkpoint. You should now know that either something is wrong with your EnerJar, or that everything is working so far.

Next Steps
If everything is working as defined in the instructions, continue on to calibrating your EnerJar
Otherwise, try to figure out what is going wrong with help from the debugging section.